– The Workouts don’t show on Apple Watch, what is the problem?
No Workouts on breathe2 Apple Watch App
At times the synchronization between iPhone and Apple Watch does not work at the first attempt. We kindly ask you to give it another try following these easy steps.

  1. No Workouts on Apple Watch
  2. Close App on iPhone
  3. Make sure both devices are in same WiFi
  4. Restart App on iPhone
  5. Workouts appear on Apple Watch

If this does not solve your problem, get in touch!

– Does breathe2 support Pursed-lip breathing (PLB)?
Pursed-lip breathing (PLB) is a breathing technique that consists of exhaling through tightly pressed (pursed) lips and inhaling through the nose with the mouth closed. Try to breathe out longer than your inhale. Create you own breathing exercise with these characteristics, e.g. inhale cycles < exhale cycles (4 in, 7 out).

– I want to use breathe2 as part of a medical rehab program, can you provide me with individual recommendations?
We would love to, but unfortunately, no we can’t. That is due to legal reasons. If you want to use breathe2, kindly align with your medical support / doctors how breathe2 can be integrated into e.g. a rehab.

– Are there any costs to breathe2 or do you have advertisement in the app?
No. breathe2 will always stay free.

– Do you collect and sell my data?
No. breathe2 leaves your data alone, check our data privacy page for more details

– I found a bug in the app or have a question related to the usage, how can I get help?
Drop us a mail at

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